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You shouldn't need to tweak Windows 10 other than the power profile and making sure USB ports aren't using power management. Also take a look at your Startup Programs and make sure you don't have tons of junk in there as well. It's under Task Manager.

Programs not being able to start is a classic sign of either Windows corruption, a permissions problem or a virus.
You need to take a close look at what is running on your system to determine if there is a rogue program that is causing your problems.

That's where I would start the troubleshooting process.
Run a quality virus scanner in advanced mode set to deep scan everything.

As for rogue processes, you can use Windows built in task manager for this, but a program called Process Hacker is a much better alternative.

That should get you started.
I tried downloading the software youre talking about and also malwarebites and none would run on my PC.

Thats so awkward.

First time I see this happening.

I dont knnow what to do anymore .....