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Very nice.

I've had an RT and an R- struggled a bit with legroom on both of them.
I've just bought my second GS Adventure- perfect bike for me- it arrived in a couple of weeks.
I LOVE the GS series, but I'm only 5'6". I can actually ride the GS no problem, but it doesn't look cool with me on my tip toes when coming to a stop. The new 1250 power train is SWEET....R1250GS is a hack of a bike, and something I may get down the road if I can find time for some actual adventure.

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Boy no kiddin I can feel the speed as soon as I get to about 70 but my windshield is pretty small

My next bike would likely be a full fairing BMW 1200 series
I sometimes miss the RT, as I used to cover some distance, but these days I just don't have the time. Such a different beast than a naked cruiser. Much more refined. Almost car-like. I would often find myself hitting 100+ mph without even don't even have to crouch.