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You have only some diffusors on the rear wall? Of course you're going to have lots of reflected sound returning to the front wall. We have a very different definition of comprehensive.

Anyway.. your speakers aren't flush mounted, so place absorption between them and move on.
500 Hz, even 300-350 Hz, doesn't it follow more or less geometrical acoustics?

There are basstraps in the corners, at the rear wall. The room is 5,86 meters long and 4,66m wide, 3,35m heigh. Even if I put some thick absorbers below the diffusors it doesnt essentially change the frequency reponse, I tried it. I can post an impulse response later. If it did, it would hit the table. I put once a couch in the room and placed it in the back part. Did not change much.

Most problems result from the arrangement directly in the front of the room, around the speakers (windows, ground, table), and the ceiling. I can put down my ceiling absorber just 20 cm down and some notch will move from 150 Hz to 130 Hz.
There are side wall absorbers with a length of 1,80 meters from the front corners into the room, and as heigh as the ceiling, so the sidewalls are treated more comprehensively, if you want to call it that way, 50 cm thick rockwool, an 3,35m x 1,80m area each side. Why this type of arrangement? Because the space in the front at the side walls is basically useless, unless used for acoustic treatment.

So in short: with this type of arrangement I was never able to measure any significant change in the frequency response using additional treatment (by placing 50cm thick rockwool absorbers) at not covered areas at the rear wall. That surprised me. And reverberation is mostly covered with the side wall absorbers, down to 50-60 Hz. Redirection as in other solutions isn't used at all. Not that I wouldn't like to be able to improve room response using rear wall treatment, this would be more convenient than other methods.


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wow :D so much information, some of them conflicting, anyway, thank you all for the input, my speakers are on stands, and since i will put bass traps in corners, moving speakers closer to front wall, they will be really close to my bass traps,
Hopefully that discussion and dissing wasn't too heavy ^^

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