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Since last week im experiencing super high glitch when I play my composition in my DAW.

I looked at me CPU ressources and they sit at about 46 to 53% and my ram at about 30%.

Same thing for the mettering in my DAW

So nothing unusual.

Now, I've tried downloading LatencyMon and DPCclat.exe and none would run on my PC even if I was to run them as Administrator ( right click )

Now as a last resort, I'm trying to find that software that I used to run to turn all the useless Win 10 background process Off .

It was quite a simple interface with on/off icon switches if I remeber correctly ( or maybe it was something like Enable / disable turning red or green....I'm not quite sure) but I cant find it anymore.

I'm pretty desperate.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get that software ( it was something like Win10TweakPowerTool or some BS like that ) .

Also, some help about why LatencyMon or DPC latency software wont work would be greatly appreciated.

It was looking a bit like this image but with red and green switch and a menu on top saying something like : turn all off ....or another one saying turn recommended setting....

You shouldn't need to tweak Windows 10 other than the power profile and making sure USB ports aren't using power management. Also take a look at your Startup Programs and make sure you don't have tons of junk in there as well. It's under Task Manager.

Programs not being able to start is a classic sign of either Windows corruption, a permissions problem or a virus.
You need to take a close look at what is running on your system to determine if there is a rogue program that is causing your problems.

That's where I would start the troubleshooting process.
Run a quality virus scanner in advanced mode set to deep scan everything.

As for rogue processes, you can use Windows built in task manager for this, but a program called Process Hacker is a much better alternative.

That should get you started.