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Thanks again for all the great information on this thread. I really enjoyed reading back through just now. I was going to ask several short followup questions based on excerpts from various posts, but I would especially appreciate hearing more on the following:

Originally Posted by Plush View Post
This subject and with an emphasis on Aesthetics is a topic often discussed in German Tonmeister schools. Deciding on where one is on the Aesthetic continuum is a so important for young and mid-career engineers. Really for any engineer.
Maestro Plush, if you can find a moment to expound on this somewhat, that would be carefully noted, as always. Anyone else, too, of course.

In my limited experience, it often seems that aesthetics are left to the individual engineer to develop as part of an introspective process involving the accumulation of hands-on experience, observation of others, critical listening, etc.

I realize that it may seem illogical/impossible to some people to discuss aesthetics as separate from the pragmatism and compromise which is necessary to ensure a good recording with all the many challenges one can face.

That said, as a basic philosophy, I am much more attracted to the development and refinement of one's concept of "a great recording" so that the techniques, equipment, and strategies used tailor themselves to this goal, rather than allowing the latter to define the former.

Thanks in advance for any further thoughts, and thanks also in advance for keeping this thread on-topic