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There's plenty of evidence to NOT change processor scheduling in Windows. For example:

Note that I also believe that changing the scheduling MAY help, because it may mask one or more other problems with your setup, but I wouldn't just automatically change this setting in Windows out of the gate.

I believe it was a recommendation from Steinberg dating to the time of Windows XP.
It was an XP tweak for the RME Digi96 which had a bug at the time. It was fixed shortly after. This workaround is still on 95% of audio tweak websites.

Yes, check the apps and services running in the background - the fewer the better (esp. any software that does automatic scanning, like antivirus). The Audient guide is pretty good, except for the aforementioned Processor Scheduling.
I measured services and apps running in the background. The difference is not measurable. Just leave them.

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Ive just gone Windows 10 Optimization crazy, ill post back here what Iv'e done but to begin with Ive run
Black Vipers windows 10 services tweaks, which essentially just disables a lot of not so needed services.

Black Viper's Windows 10 Service Configurations | Black Viper |
I can save you the trouble. Black Viper is not an audio guy and his tweaks bring less than 1% performance extra. If you are a gamer, maybe, I didn't test that.