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It really clears up a couple of popular notions that are plain wrong, such as the TR machines intended to be realistic sounding. They were primarily open-ended percussion synthesizers. Synthesizing sounds vs the PCM rompler approach is a constant throughout all Roland instruments until the JD series, against the industry odds. Stubbornly doing what they thought it was right to do instead of following the trend is what ultimately enabled the creation of new musical genres. It was actions and consequences, not really all luck and providence as much as that romantic idea conquers the collective mindset.
I think that notion stems from what a lot of people wanted the 808/909 to be... including myself. At that time, I was more interested in realistic drum sounds, and from that vantage point, they sound terrible. I ended up buying the Yamaha RX-5 instead. It wasn’t like I didn’t spend time with the 909. A guy used to pay me money to help him program beats for it. I just didn’t get it. (Along with most people of the time) It wasn’t until years later when the hip-hop crowd picked it up that I finally “got” it. Now I love it, and I can’t help but think, “what was I thinking,” but to be honest, it didn’t really fit into the music I was doing at the time.