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@ unafraid : this is a case of human error, sorry!

Whoever wrote your reply must have been in a hurry, and they didn't take time to learn that you already own a prior version of 32C. From the email, it is clear that they thought you owned the regular Mixbus.

If you own 32C, you should have received multiple offers to upgrade to the latest version 5 for $79, and get a free license for our LegacyQ plugin ($89 by itself, normally).

We do have very aggressive pricing and lots of promotions. Right now we are running a particularly big one, since it is Mixbus's 10th anniversary. Still, it's not as good an offer as prior customers like yourself can get.

If you'll please write us again, and ask for "Ben", I'm happy to make it right.

Sorry for the confusion,
-Ben at Harrison

P.S. regarding the word "enjoy", I don't think they meant it like you interpreted it. But I'll suggest that we don't use that term in that context again.

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