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There are a few key things to keep in mind here.

1. The frequencies which define the stereo image are primarily above 150hz.

2. Low frequencies radiate from the speaker in an increasingly omnidirectional pattern the lower down you go.

So with that in mind, we know that the first reflection off the front wall is going to be a low frequency bounce.
Not really. You can measure the influence of placing an absorber behind the monitors at least up to 500 Hz, I tried so, in several rooms with different speakers (Adam A7, Neumann 310, Dynaudio BM6A, Genelec 8050 to name a few). If it was only up to 150 Hz, no problem, the discussion here wouldn't even exist. I did so using Basotect with a width of 15 cm and about 10-20 cm air gap. cheers