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Since last week im experiencing super high glitch when I play my composition in my DAW.

I looked at me CPU ressources and they sit at about 46 to 53% and my ram at about 30%.

Same thing for the mettering in my DAW

So nothing unusual.

Now, I've tried downloading LatencyMon and DPCclat.exe and none would run on my PC even if I was to run them as Administrator ( right click )

Now as a last resort, I'm trying to find that software that I used to run to turn all the useless Win 10 background process Off .

It was quite a simple interface with on/off icon switches if I remeber correctly ( or maybe it was something like Enable / disable turning red or green....I'm not quite sure) but I cant find it anymore.

I'm pretty desperate.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get that software ( it was something like Win10TweakPowerTool or some BS like that ) .

Also, some help about why LatencyMon or DPC latency software wont work would be greatly appreciated.

It was looking a bit like this image but with red and green switch and a menu on top saying something like : turn all off ....or another one saying turn recommended setting....