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Hey, thanks for the replies people.

I find it fascinating how others go about things to meet the same end.

Thanks, I've learned something valuable.



The way I'm going about it is using the tools (instruments) that I have, to create "ideas". Not full songs/compositions, but to say, "here's the idea".

The issue for me is what next to do with these ideas.

I believe I've got good ideas and good enough gear to produce a great song.

Combining this together is my problem. Well, at least one of my problems
I find that’s one of the advantages to hearing things in my head first, or playing an instrument. I can quickly dictate where it can or should go.
I’ll often lose ideas super quick when other music is playing, if I’m out and about, or even picking up a guitar. So I’ll play really really lightly to try and find the notes and rhythm I’m looking for.
Trying not to interrupt a melody I hear in my head and end up forgetting it.
Also, a lot of times if I have an idea and I’m stuck, it’s better to step away and either repeat it in my memory until I come up with different ways I could go with it, or sometimes I’ll try to forget about it being that the idea is already recorded, and I’ll listen to something totally different just a mental break.
Maybe come back and pick up a guitar, a bass, or tap out a or beat box a rhythm of the first 3 things that come to mind when I come back to it, if I don’t have any ideas.

I think the longer you do it you find what works for you and doesn’t break your creativity and productivity the best. Because regardless of how you do it, it’s not going to work out great every time. In a lot of ways, I think people just find out how to carve out all the excess, the things that don’t work for us, or don’t work at all.
And that’s basically how we find our most comfortable and confident path.
Doesn’t mean you can’t use and learn other ways.
I would definitely still encourage anybody to keep learning.
It’s just good to figure out what really works best for you so you can have a good starting point and something to fall back on, gives you more confidence in your abilities and what you contribute, etc.

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