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Yeah but not simultaneously. In other words you can have a reverb on instrument 1 and a delay on instrument 2, so calling up Instrument 1 loads the reverb into the effects processor, and calling up instrument 2 loads the delay. You cannot, however, play both instruments at the same time and hear both effects.
I'm using the AKAI ASQ-10 to sequence the ASR-10. I use the ASR-10 as a controller to send MIDI to the AKAI ASQ-10. Using this method I can play all 8 instruments on the ASR-10 without selecting a different inst button (by turning local off on the selected inst). I'm still relatively new to both of these pieces of equipment - and am not yet resampling the main outs/creating multilayered instruments. If I assign a different effect to each instrument using the method above, will they be heard simultaneously?