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Old 13th August 2019
Lives for gear

It’s nice to be able to do both.
I’m going to be a bit opinionated here and say that, the goal for any musician, producer, or songwriter should be to reach an ability where they can translate what they hear in their head to an instrument or a daw (which is basically used as instrument these days).
You don’t have to be there yet, but it’s a good thing to strive for.
For me it’s more rewarding than fishing or trying to randomly come up with melodies/riffs drawing in modi notes.
If you play a genuine physical instrument and can experiment that way, it’s more ideal to try random things that way.
If you know your instrument fairly well and have a good memory log of lots of your favorite songs/progressions, you can hear where the melody or riff could/should go from your random riff you made up.