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Old 13th August 2019
Here for the gear

Can anyone help me identify these unlabelled pickups and components?

Hey guys,
Friend of mine recently bought a house from a luthier, and found a bunch of guitar components which I've taken possession of. Most of them are pretty obvious, but there's a pair of humbuckers and some kind of active circuitry I can't identify. Here are some close-up pictures of the parts:

The pickups are standard humbucker size; the pole spacing is 52mm at the bridge, and 50mm at the neck. I'm guessing these are standard Gibson humbuckers but I'm not sure.

The bundle of circuits is obviously some kind of active something: it has a socket for a 9v battery, three pots, a switch, an LED and a small circuitboard, but I have no idea what it actually is.

Any help would be massively appreciated!