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This is why I mentioned that speaker position and treatment go together. You want the speakers as close as you can get them to the front wall, but front walls often do need some treatment too, so you might have to move the speaker slightly away from the wall to do that. For example, to insert a 4" thick porous absorption panel, if needed. And if you DO move the speakers like that, the you should repeat the "moving around and testing" procedure above, because things will have changed...

The 38% "rule" is not really a rule. It's a starting point. And it refers to the location of your head, not the speakers.
(Ok I skipped all the crazy stuff. If you think I am inclined to ignore science then it is actually the opposite of what I am into, what a joke. There are books on very different levels and sometimes quite different messages, you know?!)

So you actually ARE willing to treat the front wall?
Why didn't you start with this right away? Very good

Yes it is often required, depending on some factors, even speaker selection. There is your magic 4 inch fiber, sadly it fails because it is only 4 inch, but still, the will to use it is there. Next time when you design a studio, test the effect of the stereo imaging with speakers at the front wall or or more distant. Or just come here in my studio and listen.

Also, start with the speakers set away from the side walls at a distance that is about 30% of room width. In your case, that means that the acoustic axis would be about 90cm from the side walls, and the speakers would be about 1.2m apart. That's just the starting position: From there, you can try moving them further apart in small steps, to see if you get an improvement in response Use REW to take measurements of the acoustic response at each step, and compare all of the graphs in REW to find the best location.
My room is 5.86m long, is it still a small room? Probably. Speaker separation is 1.75m. 1.2m is way too narrow, unless you are talking about some small PC speakers or Auratones. Below 1.50m is not worth it, the sound stage sounds rather unnatural when using 6 inch to 8 inch speakers.

Here is a good article by the way

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