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Air conditioning in this place is fixed, behind a locked panel (just like the clear acrylic covers over the graphic EQ faders in some of the in-house PA systems you have seen in your working life !) when the hall temperature has stabilized the fan speed ramps down, nothing unusual in that.

If I do several passes of non-aggressive noise removal I can generally achieve a good reduction of noise without harming the room sound/ambience too much...and I will do this, if I end up using sample A. Is that your preferred mic pickup of the 2 samples ?
thx for your comment on the topic of noise reduction - in order to avoid any, i mostly use a different approach regarding mic placement and hence s/n ratio: i go very close (or use a colleague's cedar should i need any noise reduction)...

i tend not to comment on any sound clips...

(as i think it's too time consuming to provide enough context of a recording/mixing session which would allow to put things into perspective and imo mix choices/aesthetics often seem to be far beyond what most people around here are willing or able to discuss in a meaningful way) use whatever you or the artist like best!