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About the window. Do you mean fitting accoustic panels into the window to line up with the wall? How would I make that symmetrical with the right side?
To be more clear and write a longer post, I cut pieces of drop-in acoustic ceiling panels to press-fit flush into the window opening and then put three GIK panels overlapping the window which appear to be just panels resting on the wall. This is to the left front of my room. Then I put three matching panels on the wall in the same relative position to the right front of the room. I get reasonably matched REW plots from the two speakers, so it seems to be acoustically close enough to symmetrical.
An unplanned benefit is that the ceiling tiles, having that typical white, random-textured finish, look OK from the outside (I had to remove the inside blinds to mount the GIK panels flush to the wall over the window opening).