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I would second a hair ball 1176 kit, and finding someone to assemble it, I have built a few, I do replace a few caps to follow the original better, they are in another league of 1176 and much closer to the real deal, the warm stuff is ok, the warm stuff modded a tiny bit better.
But no match to a hairball , better parts, better iron, better case, I have built about 6 for a few working studios, word got around, the engineers loved em...I still need to build me a pair, everytime I do they find new homes ...

never saw any warm audio in a working studio....
fine for home I suppose.

Same with pres and mics, if on a budget, and wanting pro gear, find a good tech, that builds for fun. Groupdiy is full of guys like that.

A don audio, or ez1073 kit will blow away a warm, or even heritage 1073 mic pre,
And I use a heritage at’s a good 1073 style mic pre.
The don or ez blow it away though.
Stam has some great part selections and I bet they sound good as well, but no experience with his stuff personally.
I do use stams same partslist on my u87 clone.
Same capsule same iron, and it does make a great mic that stands with the real deal nuemans

It’s the Same with mics, it comes down to how much capsule you can afford, and what iron.
If no budget, just go to the top of your dream list.

If you can solider, and follow directions exactly, do basic math, read a dmm, or have the capacity to learn, no reason not to build something yourself.
It’s very satisfying, and can save money.
Many kits are so well documented now a-days...
Even a caveman could do it.

Something to consider.