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Hello Boggy! thanks for sharing it with us!

How do you manage bass in this live room?
Well, because it is not control room... very carefully, with some bass traps, of course!

Target will be about 1.5-2.5s of reverberation, room will be designed for small live events, rehearsal and recording.

All material which will be used for acoutics/building is locally available, we have no data for them, so there is no "instant" solution. Big Live Rooms are very sensitive to any boundary treatment... whatever you did on whole boundary is very articulated later, with both measurement results and when listening your own voice reverberation.

Measurement equipment is always in situ, we have access to it via Team Viewer, and before each next step, we measure influence of previous steps of treatment/building.

Otherwise we have to travel about 220km to Nis, just to measure, so this is more practical way, to work as it is on different continent, as we already used to do.

BTW, here is image of finished granite stone layer... remaining granite in the middle of the room will be removed, it is not part of the design.

P.S. Хвала @ Branko
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