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Floyd Toole Sound Reproduction : Loudspeakers and Rooms page 411.

A gift for you.

The Klipsch KlipscHorn also.
Thank you so much. So what do you believe does the author actually prove or explain? The story about NS10s delivering constant power to a more distant sound field is quite interesting for sure. The author misses several points:

- The NS10s as intended were poorely received, thats a fact. What about the idea that placing them so near to the wall did no good to the midrange? As I said, they sound like **** near the wall.

- No graph is given for their placement near the wall.

- The author didn't have the idea that the typical console placement changes the frequency response to the better. "Familiarity" alone won't explain it.

- The NS10s as the Auratones are closed cabinet designs with a very fast transient response and short decay time. Have you ever heard how a snare drum sounds through an Auratone (or Behritone), how punchy? Did the author mention anything about this?

How do you manage the electronic comb filtering due to summation stereo mono on the sub ?
Not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean to sum the L and R signal to a MID signal for bass? You can't have it all. You CAN buy a second subwoofer although my table would not allow to "see" both of them.

I use a second pair of speakers without sub and headphones if there is any problem with phase issues left and right in the bass department. Usually sub bass will be panned mono anyway, anything else is not recommended.