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t is expensive, since you need multiple subs.

On the other hand, the "floor bounce" is very different, and not so much of an issue to start with! It might look ugly on your REW graphs, but it isn't usually noticeable, for several reasons: first, your brain expects it, and "tunes it out", second, it's usually a very narrow dip, and third there's no "ringing" involved.
It is not narrow at all. What a bad excuse. What most people do is to find the position where your monitors perform best . And this is not always near the wall. Because every room taken as it is is quite different. Sometimes you can compensate one problem with another, as long as the resulting frequency reponse is as flat as possible. So the optimum is just "somehwere". And if you believe that this subforum represents the entire rest of the world and its practise then sorry. It is just some common divisor of a few very active users.

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