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Lives for gear

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The most significant Studio Mics of all time, world wide, are not in the top ten being 'talked about'. Seems those talking are a bit out of the loop.
U67, U87.

These lists are meaningless nonsense, IMO, perhaps even covert advertising.

Then why did you read it?

PS if you'd read the thread title you may have realized the topic isn't "most significant studio mics of all time" (whatever that even means) but "most talked about" for 2017, which I assume means most mentioned on the site.

But thanks for reminding us there's your opinion and the wrong one.

That said, I agree the "most talked about" (which I think is the same as "most popular") could go. It is a nice non-controversial way to make lists since it just says what's most talked about, not an opinion on the best, but really, who cares what is most talked about? If there's a mic everybody loves to hate it could get on the list too.

How about a "Best LDCs" thread? Or better yet, several of them in prices ranges say $300 on down, $300-600, and $600+? Cmon GS staff take a chance (Course you know no matter what mics make the lists there will be "omg I can't believe you left off mic X" replies lol)