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Here for the gear

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OK, I figured it out, duh. Manual p.33. Why I missed that the first 10 times of reading the manual, god knows. If an admin would like to delete this thread, please go ahead. If it might help somebody else, I don't mind my ignorance and seeming inability to read being on display forever.
I'm so glad I found this thread, and that it wasn't deleted. I was having the exact same problem, for such a long time I'm embarrassed to admit the length of, and you just fixed everything for me!

My problem, was not knowing to access that menu from the "Home Screen", as page 33 of the manual briefly mentions. I kept digging through all the subfolders of the H6 menus, looking in the wrong place. Now, I can finally use my Mid-Side microphone as a mono cardioid mic, or a mono figure-of-eight mic, in addition to being a stereo microphone. It feels like someone just gave me two new microphones!

Thank you!