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Aspen Pittman In Memorium

Aspen Pittman, my cousin, was killed in a terrible car crash on Friday. Besides being a great guy- incredibly creative, ingenious, high energy, generous and hilarious, he was a huge contributor to the guitar playing and music business in general. He was the epitome of an entrepreneur. Here are some of the highlights of his contributions:
manager of the 1st Guitar Center in Hollywood as a very young man
general manager of Acoustic Control Corp- iconic guitar and bass amps of the 60's and beyond
The inventor and president of Groove Tubes- the creation of the boutique tube industry that is now ubiquitous
At one time owned the largest collection of vintage guitar amps in the world
The author of The Tube Amp book- a landmark compendium of the history, impact and technical aspects of the electric guitar amp
The president of GT Electronics- wide range of boutique guitar amps and preamps, the first commercial amplifier load box, first commercial amplifiers designed to work with multiple tube types, the development of the Vipre, Supre, Glory Comp and Brick high quality studio electronics, microphones and more
The co-inventor of SFX technology (licensed by Fender) and the development of Centerpoint Stereo Space Station "3D" speakers
President of the Sapphire Club- the organization of LA audio engineers dating back from the 1940's
There is too much more to list here, but it is obvious that he was a major force in the guitar industry. Besides being a huge enthusiast of classic cars, baseball, guitars, German watches, exotic birds, and other collectibles, he was a devoted family man and devout Christian.

This is a huge loss for the guitar community, and for our family, We miss him terribly. RIP Cousin

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