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I have one that goes directly on the stand like that. It's a Neumann Z 26 MT (product code 006207).

It cost way too much money, as I recall. Unfortunately, in the situations in which I've tried it, it always seems either too firm or not firm enough. If the weight of your setup is just right for it, I suppose it would work well.
I think this one was it. Says it's ~$100 from Dale.

One would think Neumann would be able to specify what mics or weight it's really designed for as there is a world of weight difference between mounting a single or pair of KM140 capsules vs something like a TLM170 vs a U69.

It sure would be a cleaner look than a basket when low visibility counts.

Upon further reading of the Neumann site it shows up in the accessories for the KMS series and says :

"Rubber shock mount which inserted between the stand and the swivel mount"

so... using their ORTF bar or the adjustable XY fitted to the swivel mount in the KMS140 set with this between that mount and the stand is probably what they intended. Would be nice if they were a bit more clear about it.

Might email Neumann USA tomorrow and ask about that.

Thanks to all for the responses.

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