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Question Fixing Skype Distortion?

I'm helping someone to record an interview on Skype for a podcast.
For a test run, we recorded on reaper as well as on Skype using the same input simultaneously.
However, Skype recording sometimes has distortion that sounds like clipping. On Reaper, the signal was clean, and there was no clipping indicator during the test recording.
Output for Reaper and Skype is set to built-in output. However, Reaper is set for no monitoring, so it doesn't output anything while recording.
Also I'm just using Skype built-in recording function to record, and I'm not routing Skype output to somewhere else.
What would be the cause for Skype recording to distort, and is there a way to fix?
I tried RX elements declip, but it doesn't really work. Maybe it's because either Skype recording has low lossy audio compression signal, or distortion I hear is not really clipping.