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Congratulations on finding that video. Those are effective (apart from very low frequency limitations) and nice looking.
Small rooms don’t usually benefit much from diffusion, according to what I’ve read. If you need to restore some reflected sound for acoustic guitar recording, you can bring in some 1/4” plywood panels and temporarily liven the space to taste.
You probably need to consider some thicker or doubled traps for corners and/or other surface intersection where you can lose some space that is not usually occupied by people or equipment. Small rooms need an ungodly amount of trapping to approach any kind of honesty and evenness in response. And, as much as space allows, remember that air gaps behind panels substantially improve panel performance at very little cost.
I see that the window and other irregularities make a truly symmetrical monitor/listener placement impossible. If you want to fully commit to treating the room as a studio, consider fitting panels into the widow opening and placing similar “dummy window” panels in the twin position on the right front of the room. I did that, and it helped even out my left speaker vs. right speaker REW readings.
Good luck!
You may borrow my small room trapping mantra, “Too much is not enough!”