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Yeah it kind of does.
It's called Physics.

What exactly are you saying here? What do you mean by 'presented'?
Are you suggesting that the same cake tastes different if it's blue as opposed to green?
What I am saying is that if you take the same audio file...let’s say Bruno Mars That’s what I Like and listen to it in different daws the song will sound different to you. No plugs or anything else going on. That being the case how the audio sounds to me during playback will affect the creative decisions that I make.

I use studio one and pro tools daily and always need to load a ref song in the actual session in order to get my baring on how the target mix sounds within the daw itself. Then I can make my creative decisions while compensating for how the daw is presenting the ref mix to me.

Dude...iTunes and quick time sound different on playback of the same file as does pro tools, logic, studio one etc. that is why the summing thing doesn’t matter as much. It should be mainly be about how things sound on playback and once you do bounce does your mix translate well.

Before you discount what I am saying and start quoting some white paper, try it and listen for yourself.