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the worst exemple: the ns10 was designed for to be place in corner, listen at 3/4 meters in a living room.

so the speakers against the short wall as far as possible of the corner to begin.
Sorry, wrong . Nobody places them into corners. The speaker still works well. The console helps to get some bass back, at 100 Hz. Another example how important measuring WITH the console is, not only in an empty room and decide about things which may be different WITH the console.
The Yamaha NS-10 is a loudspeaker that became a standard nearfield studio monitor in the music industry among rock and pop recording engineers. Launched in 1978, the NS-10 started life as a bookshelf speaker
Bookshelf speaker is not a speaker with wide stereo width, it is not designed for that. Do you have NS10? I have a pair and experience for more than 10 years. You believe "pro audio" and acoustics have nothing in common? There are other aspects than looking merely at the bass response, apparently completely ignored here. It is to have a speaker approaching a point source of sound. I rather have absorbers behind the speaker (if not mounted in the wall) than to have the speaker near the wall, unless the chassey is big.