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Does anyone get notifications from Sonarworks when an update has been released? I just went on their website and noticed 4.3.3 was released yesterday.

I received an email from Sonarworks today which was about headphone sales but nothing about the update.

However, seems to be the latest version but no release notes for it.

Sonarworks need to get their act together on informing customers.

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You should also check out this thread where Sonarworks has been a little more active recently:

Sonarworks releases Reference 4.3 - Adds New Features

Note: I made the same complaint about release notes and not informing users of known issues just in the last day or two. There's some kind of [major, on-going] issue with Systemwide and Windows 1903 and it looks like they still haven't figured out a fix yet.
Same issue here. Never get anything about new versions, just emails with promotions and incredibly; emails with surveys about why I haven’t upgraded to version 4 (which I have, I’m on 4.2.2) or why I haven’t upgraded to the latest version (which I won’t until I see a stable version).