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Hello all

i got an empty room ( front wall height is 2.3m room is 3 meters wide and the lenght is 4.9 meters)

What is the best placement of monitors and the table..

I have read quite a lot, and i understand the best monitor position in this small'ish room is as close to front walls as posible ( i have a window in front wall)

How close? i will put acoustic treatment soon (bass traps in all 4 corners with air gaps, and first reflections and maybe the ceiling)

Regarding 38percent rule, my monitors is about 80-90cm away from the wall, so i have to move my listening position closer...

Yes i will buy sonarworks XREF20 mic and measure with REW

But for now im really interested in your opinions
There isnt a clear answer.

Opposed to common opinion I usually do not like the sound of speakers placed against the front wall. I compensate any low frequency "SBIR" as good as possible with a subwooofer. Even with front wall there is the ground and you cannot do anything against a reflection if you believe in SBIR for < 150 Hz (if such thing for those very low frequencies actually applies after room treatment) .

Example: place a Yamaha NS10 against front wall and the mids(!) will sound like ****. There is also the stereo image to account for. Optimizing the room for oneself without actually listening how it sounds (especially the stereo image) is not very clever.

I don't believe that for a 5 inch or 6 inch speaker, the front wall has no negative influence on the speaker aiming to be an ideal point source.

In addition, the table has a very strong impact on the sound. How deep is your table? If might wanto to avoid any table altogether (for example, mixing everything ITB), your sound might be be better. In my current room, sound, especially from 900 Hz and up, was better WITHOUT a table. Depends on what is the goal (mastering desk with lots of hardware?). If that is a production room a simple keyboard stand for the controller keyboard and a second, upper space for a laptop or computer monitor is often the most acoustically transparent solution, not interfering with the high frequencies from the monitors (and sometimes less problematic for low frequencies as well). Table looks good on a studio photo, seems "mandatory".


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