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I have read everywhere how to do and the simple solution is not great looking but working an additional external power supply...

"I did a bunch of research. The 580 draws a lot of power. The safest way is an extra external power supply. The SATA power tap can be used but depends on what other devices you are using. Even so. From the mac mods forums they recommend an extra power supply. Which is what I did. You run the lead in from an empty pcie slot back panel opening or remove a optical and put power lead in from front Cdr slot."

However personally I took the decision to stay away from the HDX a couple of years more...the HDX card is 8 years old now (!) and with the new Mac Pro announced maybe AVID will come up with a new generation of "HDX- cards". I am still on Pro Tools 10 HD with 7 PCIe cards in a Magma chassi.
Thank you for posting this, this is annoying yet interesting. Here I thought upgrading the 5770 to RX 580 would get me more power (I have major issues with AAE 9173 errors, and now a known issue with iZotope Insight 2 on a 5.1 mix that avid is aware and will hopefully address one day). I just thought upgrading the HDN to a HDX can help with some power since the new 2019 gives you 384 total voices. I guess I should just upgrade my 12core 2.4Ghz to a 3.46Ghz?

Going HDX, I would have to possible get 2 since each one only gives 256 voices (And I am not into renting or leasing, so the voice pack rental is not an option)