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Can you briefly describe the benefits?

The default parameter orders didn't seem very sensible to me. I tend to rearrange them so they generally follow the left to right flow of the plug in, but group logically linked things together and skip things I'm not interested in / put them on later pages.

So my Logic EQ looks like

Page 1:
LoCutSlope LoCutFreq LoShelfGain LoShelfFreg HIShelfFreg HIShelfGain HICutFreq HICutSlope

Page 2:
Peak1Gain Peak1Freq Peak2Gain Peak2Freq Peak3Gain Peak3Freq Peak4Gain Peak4Freq

And Logic Compressor Page1:
Threshold Ratio Attack Release Gain AutoRelease Mix Knee

These just felt logical to me, I can't remember the orginal settings but they generally felt random.