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BTW - What do you consider to be a "thin" wall? The best performing wall in the Canadian tables you referred to (which I have studied many times) is attached.
Note that the low frequency TL is reasonable. Also note that the density is only 23kg/m2. I am considering 35kg/m2 to be too light, and am contemplating 60kg/m2 as sufficient. (or maybe 60kg/m2 for the lower part of the wall and 35kg/m2 for the rest?).

Again, if I have a floated floor of 180kg/m2 and a wall on the edge of this floor, what would the density of this wall need to be for it to be commensurate with the T/L of the 180kg/m2 floor? May I remind you that I'm only concerned about the T/L loss through the existing floor slab, not the other side of the wall.

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