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I have a completed song where I have the lead vocal using Melodyne 4 as a live plugin (on the channel). It works great except for one thing, I cannot find a way for the melodyne to follow my edit when I attempt to remove entire sections of the song using SHUFFLE edit.

IOW: I am in my PT session and I highlight 6 measures on the grid lines and in shuffle mode select "delete" - the measures all disappear and the remaining measures move forward, but the Melodyne plugin does NOT delete the tracks - it does not follow the edit mode of ProTools.

I am in PT 10 and using Melodyne 4.

Is the a setting in Melodyne I am missing? Or, is there a way I can just highlight the tracks I want deleted in Melodyne and delete them in a "shuffle" manner, or else just select everything I want to delete, cut it, and then pull everything else that follows forward to the proper spot?
i think your solution is to Record the Melodyne Track toand auydio track then you can do what you ask ... since MEL has taken your audo into itslef you cannot do any edits until you record it .. make sense ??