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i do my best to not get wrapped up in "stories", my own heavily filtered interpretations of reality that i superimpose over my equally biased perceptions.

here's a story for you. maybe it sounds familiar.

--> a talented person should use their talents or else it's a waste.

is this true? can you know what's best for any other person or their life? what if that way incredible misery lies?

and what of you? are you thinking maybe you're wasting your talents, or your life? how is the manifestation of your own dreams progressing? all on schedule, everything in order?

getting up in someone else's business, even in the guise of concern or helpfulness, is a grand misuse of your energies. someone here asked the question, i'll ask it again: does it ever work? the instant you judge someone as in need of saving, the instant you reinforce their own stories about being a victim.

every day, get your own house in order, do your own work, push yourself into discomfort and create in that space for a while. the people who are in alignment with that vibe will naturally surround you, the ones who can't hang will naturally fall away. there's nothing to do, the decisions will be made.

enjoy it. but not too much. gotta bust your ass too. we're men, after all.

Deep Stuff. Good.