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Here for the gear

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Harrison can charge what they want. For the money you've given them, they don't owe you anything other than the products you paid for. It's not like they've taken V.4 away from you. It's also comparatively a low price anyway, in the DAW world. Just looks over-entitled to me, especially when you throw your toys out of the pram and actually threaten them. I'm not sure I'd have responded to that either...
I agree, there should be a better upgrade path and haven't forked out for v.5 because of it. I just don't think ranting and raving paints you in a very good light.
I wasn't trying to be painted in a good light. I know what DAWs cost, having paid for Logic Pro X, Samplitude, Cubase Pro 10, Cakewalk/SONAR, Studio One 4, and Reaper as well as Mixbus, and hundreds of plugins over the years.

I was ranting and raving, as you put it, because I was really angry. It was the cynicism of the word 'enjoy' which got me. That and just signing off 'Mixbus' rather than putting a name. No doubt you would have responded differently. Or maybe not. Someone else's pain is always easier for us to bear than our own.

The bottom line is that anyone buying Mixbus v.5 right now will probably have to pay at least the same again or more for an upgrade to v.6 when it comes along.

Yes, Harrison can charge what they want, and they do. They can run their business just exactly how they like. I wasn't entitled to a reply to that last email, and I don't feel entitled to anything else from them. However, I am entitled to relay the conversation here, and I have. People will draw their own conclusions. Some will agree with you, some won't.

It's their business, sure. However, I find that most audio software companies are really helpful and actually care what their customers think and value anyone who supports them. Audified are an example of a company who went beyond the call of duty for me recently, and I'm grateful to them for that. Anyone in business knows that cash flow, repeat buyers and word of mouth are what keep them in business. Everyone except Harrison, from the look of it...