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shat about a talented singer/songwriter (or just decide by yourself by tipping raidho333 on google)who had motivation to record 2 albums made 3 music videos and seeing it many people clicks or share ? All people gave good critics (the one Leno listened) however notoriety didn't come and my self confidence is now very low.... any advice friends ?
think of all the people who did not get clicks and shares, or good reviews. You are in many ways, ahead of the game.

If you are in this business to become rich and famous, you are probably among the 99.99 % headed for disappointment. If you are into it for the love of music, you shouldn't base your self-confidence on such an external measure.

I once was working on a documentary about a group of artists. I remarked to the director that one guy in particular did not fit the typical "artist" mold. He was a sculptor who worked by day as a welder. Very blue-collar guy, never went to Art School, didn't hang with other artists, or wear a beret! The director said he was the 'one true artist' of the whole group. Why? Because when he saw a piece of steel, he HAD to bend it. He couldn't NOT make sculptures. It had nothing to do with becoming famous or selling his work at a gallery.