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How's the sound quality compared ? VSS30 & SK1 sound quite dull in a set.
I have both and like them, but the Casio SK1 has that built in power off after a few minutes (which i don't want to try to solve even with the circuit plans). I would really enjoy a keyboard sampler with instant mic recording and time-stretched mapping (slower in the low pitches and faster in the high) like those toys are capable to, only improvement i need is the sound quality. I definitely need a keyboard and the possibility to trigger manually any note. That on-the-fly no computer needed is exactly my cup. Does there exist such a device ? Has the VSS200 a much better sound quality ?

Or, since i have a midi keyboard, maybe a device i could trigger from the keyboard via midi ? Is there something that can record with a mike and map instantly a voice/phrase with good sound ? I bet there are a thousand, but on the smaller/cheaper side ?
You can find various old pro samplers for relatively cheap, especially Ensoniq EPS or EPS16, sometimes ASR10 (personally speaking I’ve never paid over $200 for an ASR). I find them very immediate to use, and even the EPS sounds pretty decent. Permanently plug in a mic and or mixer and learn a few shortcuts and there ya go. Having built in sequencers makes this a pretty good no brainer if you aren’t doing computers. An MPC would probably suffice as well.

Or an older iPad and any number of sampling apps would do the trick.

Newer toy format stuff, there was the Korg Microsampler. Also I think some of the newer casio stuff can sample.