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Old 9th August 2019
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Personally, and I say this as an owner and regular used of V.4 who hasn't upgraded to V.5...

Harrison can charge what they want. For the money you've given them, they don't owe you anything other than the products you paid for. It's not like they've taken V.4 away from you. It's also comparatively a low price anyway, in the DAW world. Just looks over-entitled to me, especially when you throw your toys out of the pram and actually threaten them. I'm not sure I'd have responded to that either.

I'm sure there'll be a temptation to dismiss my attitude and write me off as being a fan-boy or some-such, but I agree, there should be a better upgrade path and haven't forked out for v.5 because of it. I just don't think ranting and raving paints you in a very good light.