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I'm thinking of retro-fitting some curly internal cable to my own 'repurposed lighting stands', as there's something attractive about the notion of running mic cables from my multi core to the base of a mic stand (and no further...)
Well do it and post pics/give feedback!

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Edit...Wouldn't running cable internally within a telescoping section steel stand give very effective 'Faraday-caging RF protection', as a bonus ?
Only if earthed (inc. all sections), I think. Seems much simpler to use starquad cable if you are really suffering RF issues from your cables: are you? If not, why the issue?

Incidentally, after 5,190 posts (!), it would be nice if we could have a first name that we could use to address you: call me old fashioned/conventional, but I find it hard to use 'studer58' as a salutation!!!