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Harrison Mixbus Upgrade Policy

Conversation with Mixbus support on 5th August 2019:


I keep getting emails from you about buying 32C, latest is anniversary offer for $79.

That’s all very well, but I already have v.4, and I have never seen an upgrade offer that has tempted me to move to v.5.

I just find it annoying that you are discounting these things for first time users, but leaving people who have already spent their money with you high and dry.

Or am I missing something?




The normal price to upgrade to Mixbus32C is $149, at any time. However we often run sales that are better than this price for everybody to enjoy, such as the one you're referencing.

We encourage any and all users to pick the deal that is best for them.



That’s a truly appalling response.

Let’s cut the marketing flim flam. ‘for everybody to enjoy’—what’s there to enjoy for someone who has already put their money your way? A marginal improvement.

Someone who is a first-time buyer has nothing, and gets the full program for their $79.

If I pay the same amount, I get what? A 10-20% improvement? Let’s say even 25%? Which brings the money I would have put your way for my ‘enjoyment’ up to over $340!!!!

in January 2016 I bought Mixbus v3 for $48

On 3rd March 2017 I upgraded to 32c v.3 for $118.80

On 6th July 2017 I upgraded to 32c v.4 for $94.80

So I’ve already spent a total of $261.60 helping you develop your program and paying your staff wages and you have the gall to tell me to ‘enjoy' upgrading to the latest version for another $79, the same price as a first-time buyer can get the full program? That is an insult.

And you don’t even have the courtesy to give your name?

I am beyond shocked to receive such a cynical response as this from an established, serious company in 2019.

The deal that is best for me is no deal. Why would I show any further loyalty to a company that shows zero loyalty to its previous customers?

You have just created an instant enemy, in a world of social media and forums where reputation is paramount.

Have a great day, Mixbus!

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