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Best Soundproofing materials for drum room?

I need to soundproof(as well as possible) my drum room since my neighbor started complaining about the noise. The main wall on his side is 28' drywall and 8' at each each, rising to 13' at the center of the wall. The drums are in the back corner so I will also start with adding soundproofing material to that wall and corner. I know I'm not going to achieve full soundproofing but getting the noise level down quite a bit will be sufficient and oFCC course the lower the sound going to the neighbors house, the better. All my other neighbor love hearing the drums!
(It's always that one neighbor isn't it!?)

So far the only thing I've been able to find that won't cost >$10k are the mass loaded vinyl strips.
Whatever material I use over the drywall, I then want to built an accent wood wall over that for aesthetics.

I realized this method won't be proper 'full' soundproofing but Im just looking to reduce as much of the noise going to the neighbor (20' away from the long wall) as possible.

Please advise on the following:
1.) What materials should I consider as the soundproofing buffer to be installed over the drywall?
2.) Should there be a gap between the drywall & soundproof material? How much of a gap?
3.) What caulking brand/product is the best for filling in cracks between the wood floor & drywall?
4.) What are some accent wall wood types that would further reduce the noise in conjunction with the soundproofing material? Would this accent wall go directly over the soundproof material or should the be a gap?
5.) Any other considerations or advice?...for reducing the noise of the drums without changing anything with the drums since it has taken years to configure mic positions, drum tuning, how hard they are play to acheive the ultimate tone that I've settled on.
Thanks so much!