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Old 8th August 2019
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Also interesting that an old thread about this seemed to make it's way back to the first page in the studio one section just now. Seems like the topic isn't dead, even though it's been tested and nulled a hundred times before

Don't get me wrong, I'm with everyone saying they sound the same, that was my whole point here - it might, however, still be needed to remind people of it and flush out any expectation bias that might make one sound "different".

Regarding the bounces not aligning perfectly, this was being said by "beyondat" in that old thread as well:

"I just did a null test using plugins inside of Cubase and Pro Tools. I used a waves SSL Channel preset and a J37 preset in both daws. For some reason Cubase added a few milliseconds to the aiff file so I had to nudge it backwards a bit but the 2 files do null."

Maybe that's what's still happening, since the problem for me also occurred with Cubase..