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What do you expect? They null alright. Noisefloor differs in some probably due to a different internal bit-depth or dither or both.
Yep! Weird thing though, as I guess you noticed, is that on "In time" the bounces don't align perfectly, depending on which DAW it is. Therefore not nulling unless you align them manually. Which shouldn't be needed here.

With that song I exported a part from the full stems, using the exact same tempo and started from the exact same bar (with snap enabled of course) within the DAWs, but they don't seem to export the exact same beginning. Which, to me, is a bit interesting. I'm trying to figure out where and how often this happens. It probably wont make a big difference, but still good to know if sending things between DAWs.

No dithering used, so don't know where the differences in noise floor occurs, unless as you say, the internal bit depth.