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That being said, I wouldn't rip off anything outright, especially if I was aware of it. I couldn't live with myself.[/FONT]
That's the way I see it as well. If I think my idea is similar to something else, I immediately check the original on Spotify or Youtube. Sometimes I'm wrong and there isn't any similarity. But when in doubt, just I write something else. There's always plenty left in the tank and coming up with new ideas is the most fun part out of the whole process.

If I was working in a genre where starting from samples was a thing, I'd consider how far the song could potentially go. No point spending money and time on sample clearance if all you're going to get is 1000 streams somewhere. I think that's what newguy1 was getting at as well.

If I'm using other people's stuff it's usually loops from sample libraries that were put out there with the express permission of the creator. So there's still plenty of outside ideas to work with if you don't fancy starting from a completely blank canvas. No guilty conscience, no clearing, no lawsuits.