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MIDI Ch changes of/with different device - FCB1010 - Ableton Scoring Template

Hi there,

For about a week i joined EastWest's creative could. I can harvest terabites of orchestra stuff. Very exciting for me, because is want to get into scoring films and games to earn my bread and butter. First step: building a template. I use Ableton Live as my DAW and I am not willing to let that go, yet. My goal is to use my FCB1010 MIDI footcontroller to control most of the template. I started my research on the world wide web and got strangled in it.

My goal:
Building a 60-piece EastWest orchestral template controllable in Ableton with my P80 (electric piano) and my FCB1010 MIDI footcontroller. Each of the 10 footswitches should select 1-10 articulations. The two expression pedals should effect the two expressive CC EastWest has set up to use. East articulation should get its own dedicated and separate MIDI track.

The vision:
The first FCB bank, and first 10 footswitches of the should be dedicated to direct the MIDI note information sent from my P80 piano, to a specific MIDI channel corresponding with the number of the footswitch pressed (not the MIDI channel the P80 is sending on). I imagine there should be a simple patch, app that would serve as the middle man. The channel transposed data should then be received by a MIDI track in Ableton set to receive on the corresponding channel and setup to direct this to a multi-instrument(10) instance of Play (EastWest sample player).
6 other banks of the FCB would arm groups of articulations making up an instrument. All MIDI tracks sending via different MIDI tracks to a track with a multi-instrument instance of play.
By the way of combining arming and MIDI channel selection is would only have the need for 60 instances of Play (tho containing multiple instruments). I think this would spare some CPU (?). Also, it would be nice to have control over 600 different sample playbacks with a limited number of controls.

My second approach was this. I build a template in wich I'm able to use the internal system of my P80 keyboard to switch MIDI channel 1-10 and Ableton listening to the corresponding channel (one MIDI track per articulation). I would even have peace with this being main main controller for articulations.
This however, present an other problem. The CC that the expression pedals of de FCB send will send over have a set MIDI channel. Changing MIDI channel on my piano meant no response to the CC expression of the FCB. Kind of related to the first problem.

I succeeded in building an Ableton driven template where all articulations of one instrument got one MIDI track. I did this with an instrument rack with multiple instances/articulation of an instrument being selected by a macro from a chain selector. De value of the macro moved up and down by increments with de FCB footswitches. This however, is not the goal.

If there is any other way i can produced the same result, please let me know!
I'm definitely a tunnel vision type.