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If you want to live in reality, "act first clear later" is the status quo.

There'll be no real issues until you sell something and the sales take off (at a smaller level perhaps an algorithm removes you from youtube or something, that's the extent of the trouble you'll get into).

Even then you're usually fine, like Old Town Road sampled NIN and sold the beat online to small time rappers, but then one of the rapper's songs over it blew up, they signed to a major, it was cleared with NIN then, and its been the #1 song on the charts for months on end now.

That producer is WAAAAAY better off having acted first and clearing later, to the tune of millions on millions and a future life that would not have otherwise existed for him. And when released songs do well, get challenged, and don't clear, then there's a suit and its settled then, IE Dark Horse or Tom Petty/Sam Smith. Its not like Dark Horse ceases to exist now, the better move was to release it and then have to share some of the wealth down the line.