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For the TX7 I used this display :
The only difference, besides that it has a backlight (TX7 has not), it is thicker than the stock display, so you must fit the 2 metal brackets IN FRONT of the display instead of the back, and make sure you put some tape inbetween so that you don't short the display's pcb .. Also some 2 mm washers must be placed between one of the metal brackets and the plastic case of the TX7 in order to align the thicker new display.
Then you connect pins 15 (+5volt) and pin 16 (GND) to a socket in the adjacent PCB of the TX7 to give power to the LED backlight.

This is the stock display (image from another site)

This is the pinout comparison of the stock and the new display (it is a match)

And this is the LCD diagram taken from the TX7 service manual

The plastic rivets:

Power supply connection for the backlight:

Please note that the stock connector (14-pins) is a match with this particular display and you just plug it in. If you buy another display module, make sure you check and match the pin out, that's it.

I hope this helps.
(sorry for the picture links, the admin doesn't allow me yet to post pics.., so i added them as links)