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How do you find the right replacements for each synth's display and/or backlight? Not TX7 in specific but I have older items that will eventually need them I guess

For the OP, I'm pretty sure older gear often has a click sound when started up because some sort of capacitor wears out that protects speakers from the unwanted sound

If you want to replace the displays of older gear, IMO these are the steps you should follow:
1) Identify your old display's technical characteristics like:
i. dimensions (width x length x thickness)
ii. type of display (lit or with backlight , how many characters and rows, p.e. the TX7 uses 16X1 display which is 16 characters in 1 row)
ii. the display's datasheet which also will show you the Pinout (a service manual of the gear comes handy here)

2) Datasheet of the replacement display. The datasheet will show everything you need to compare with the stock display and make a match : similar external dimensions, same pinout

In some cases soldering is required (just 2 pins or more), in other cases it needs no soldering at all, but all is dependent on the type of display and specs..